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XML Schemas describe hierarchial data models and may not map well to a relational data model. Mapping XSD's to database tables is very similar mapping objects to database tables, in fact you could use a framework like Castor that does both, it allows you to take a XML schema and generate classes, database tables, and data access code. I suppose there are now many tools that do the same thing, but there will be a learning curve and the default mappings will most like not be what you want, so you have to spend time customizing whatever tool you use.

In 2008 XMLSpy was the gold recipient in the Development Platform category by SQL Server Pro . [10] In 2009 XMLSpy was named the Editors' Best Best Development Tool's Silver Award recipient by Windows IT Pro Magazine . [11] XMLSpy 2010 added additional support for WSDL , as well as JSON editing. [12] In 2011 the program added additional charting and graphing support, in addition to enhancing other program capabilities. [13] In 2012 the new version added support for HTML5 and EPUB . [14] The 2013 version then added new XML validation tools. [15] The program also has support for XBRL , in order to manage and view XBRL data. [16] Version 2014 includes support for XQuery Update Facility, with recent updates adding support for JSON Schema and Apache Avro.

Altova xmlspy

altova xmlspy


altova xmlspyaltova xmlspyaltova xmlspyaltova xmlspyaltova xmlspy