Anavar and hgh bodybuilding

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I'm a dude you dick heads. I wanted to do hgh and anavar because I mainly want to lean out, but I would love to keep as much muscle as possible and gain as much lean mass as I can. I would love bone growth as well and I'm studying to be in law enforcement so the stronger, leaner, and more agile the better . I've been dieting and working my ass off at the gym and am BARLEY loosing anything. I'm probably loosing more muscle than fat. Secondly I wanted to just do anvar with gh was because I don't want it to completely shut down my system & I know that it's also mildly toxic to the liver. I did test before and I have also done winny. I'm not trying to go bald anytime soon and the last time I did either of those I had hair-loss.

Anavar and hgh bodybuilding

anavar and hgh bodybuilding


anavar and hgh bodybuildinganavar and hgh bodybuildinganavar and hgh bodybuildinganavar and hgh bodybuildinganavar and hgh bodybuilding