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TODDROSE decorative concrete, Inc. wants to rid the world of plain concrete. More and more people are turning to decorative concrete for its beauty and durability as well as its cost effectiveness. With its versatility, many finishes and applications, decorative concrete can be used outdoors as well as indoors, from floors to countertops. Decorative concrete is long-lasting and a great addition to any home or business. “We’re not just decorative!” – Click here to see what other types of concrete we do! Decorative concrete enhances any decor and is used in:

Composite Panels are prefabricated using 14 or 16 gage steel studs combined with the selected facing panel to create a complete assembly for the exterior walls of any building. The desired insulation is field installed in a stud cavity, and the interior finish can be anchored to the stud flange, creating a thinner wall section and more usable floor space. They are anchored directly to structure beams, floor slabs or columns at site. Metro Cast Composite Panels are ideal for fast-track projects. Panel fabrication can proceed while the structural steel is being erected, and the building can then be closed in rapidly economically.

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Anavar cost

anavar cost


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