Anavar for runners

I am a runner who has never had any issue with shin splints, fractures ect. I ended up getting shin splints about years ago and did the whole rest thing. got back to my running after and everything was fine. then this past winter my exercise was off and I was running but not the long miles I normally did. I have good running shoes, I get the motion control plus shoes and I just got good Compression socks to try and use. I ended up getting what I thought was shin splints off and on this past winter. Then just this week I got my compression socks and tried a short run/walk with them. started off good and then my lower legs felt strained.(liked when you flex your foot towards your leg) so I would then walk. I got done with the run/walk and felt pretty good. Then next day my shins/lower legs felt a bit off, then as the morning and day went on my shins burned. So I didn’t run yesterday at all. woke up today and as the morning went on my shins are burning more and more….the burning on my left leg is toward s the inside towards the top and on top of shin. on my right leg it is down the top of the leg….
I am frustrated as this has been going on a good chunk of the winter off and on. I stop the running, still try to do some other exercises ( I was in a HITT challenge this winter) and then go back to running and same thing….
Can I still run but use the tape along with my compression socks or do I need to stop all together for the time being? Also is it normal for them to burn so?

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Anavar for runners

anavar for runners


anavar for runnersanavar for runnersanavar for runnersanavar for runnersanavar for runners