How to tell girlfriend you use steroids

2. When we say we’re “OK” or that things are “fine” the opposite is probably true.
Girls are communicators. It is hardwired in to our psyches to talk and talk and talk some more whenever there is discord or conflict. So if you sense there’s a problem and gather the courage to ask us and we respond with a “fine” or “it’s ok” or some other sentence with less than 7 (short) words chances are good that we really want to talk. So, you think, what’s a guy to do? You ask a question, you get an answer, and you plan based on that answer. Who wants to read between the lines or guess what is really going on? What a waste of time, right? Wrong! When girls pull the short answers out during a conversation it is because we want you to put the effort in to getting us to open up. It comes from a place of feeling like you don’t usually care what we have to say so we want you to put some effort in to getting us to talk so we can be sure we will be listened to. Now those perceptive guys among you may have your hands up right now waiting to ask the obvious question… if a girl feels like she’s not usually heard isn’t that the REAL problem? Yes, yes it is, and one little talk won’t stop that feeling of being marginalized.

Accept that there's no right way to tell her
No matter how delicately you approach this subject, it's still going to hit a nerve, so prepare yourself for a shit storm. All attempts to address a topic like weight are potentially transparent, but if you really care about this woman, brace yourself for some emotional moments. However, rest assured, if you notice she's gaining weight, she does too, and she may simply need that little push to get motivated. Ultimately, if you're coming from a place of genuine concern and not just "I'm embarrassed to leave the house with you," you're doing a good thing in raising a red flag. A logical woman will come around.

How to tell girlfriend you use steroids

how to tell girlfriend you use steroids


how to tell girlfriend you use steroidshow to tell girlfriend you use steroids