Nap 50 before and after pics

That kitchen is beyond gorgeous! You managed to buck a lot of trends and you did it beautifully too. The design is both refreshingly different and yet comfortingly familiar somehow. How did you come up with the design for the storage wall with the sconces? At first I thought, you made it look like furniture but furniture rarely has built in sconces. It looks like the place they would cut the cakes in a fancy French bakery. You also didn’t choose a greyed out cabinet color and you avoided the extreme dry color most people choose for cabinets as well. The rich satin green with the gold accents reminds me of a fancy Parisian Bakery as well. I love that you extended the front of that wall giving the cook more space and headroom for that prep area. Upper cabinets do have a way of feeling oppressively in your face; plus it echoes the way the range is deeper than the counter tops on the other wall. I also love that you used restraint by not putting up anything except art on the tiled wall. It gives the space such visual relief from all the color and drama. I am redoing my kitchen and borrowing so many of your ideas. I don’t mind copying what one person did but I don’t like copying what everyone is doing. The only thing I have seen even vaguely like this kitchen is the Cobalt kitchen by Stacey Richardson. It is a very refreshing look, and a real departure from what is being done nearly everywhere else.

You need immediate alertness. Try a “ caffeine nap. ” Researchers at Loughborough University tested several ways to improve the alertness of drivers and found the “caffeine nap” to be the most effective method. You down a cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage and then immediately hunker down for a 15-20 minute nap. Again, don’t go any longer than that or you’ll awaken with sleep inertia. The caffeine clears your body of adenosine, a chemical which makes you sleepy. It takes awhile for the caffeine to circulate through your system, so it doesn’t effect the quality of the nap. Instead, it kicks in in tandem with the refreshment you would feel upon awakening from a normal power nap. I’ve personally found the caffeine nap to be effective, especially when you’re crunched for time; it’s easier to get up and keeps you from the temptation of turning a 20 minute nap into an hour and a half session.

Nap 50 before and after pics

nap 50 before and after pics


nap 50 before and after picsnap 50 before and after picsnap 50 before and after picsnap 50 before and after picsnap 50 before and after pics