Nap 50 kick in time

Finally, I want to tell you that God delights in you, just as you are. This is the good news for all of us: God does not wait for us to be perfect before he loves us. He knows everything about us and he loves us. Yes, he wants to see us living healthy, free, and full of joy. But he doesn’t love us any less when we are tired and scared and broken and ashamed. In fact, I think his heart turns toward us even more when we’re in need. And I’ve just found for myself that the more I receive that Love, the more I live in it, the less attractive anything else is to me. And I think that’s where sin gets broken–not by our self-control and excellent habits, but in the Love of God for us that fills until that’s all we want or need.

As a former teacher, I have some ideas to keep kids entertained indoors. Make paper helicopters from folding the paper in half. Then cut the top half in half perpendicular to the fold lines, stopping at the fold. Next, cut on the top folded line one third of the way on each side. Fold each third of the top in half to make two helicopter blades. Bend these in opposite directions. Cut the lower fold one third of the way on each side. Fold each third to make the middle piece. Finally, fold the bottom piece up at the tip to give the helicopter some weight at the bottom. Drop the copter from a second floor railing and watch it twirl. Making the blades wider or different lengths, varies the speed of the drop. Kids get excited over this activity.

F or we venerable gets, Arsenal vs Cologne means only one thing: Tony Woodcock, the European Cup-winning England striker who had two spells at the Mungersdorfer either side of four years at Highbury when he was leading scorer in the first three. What a side they had during his first stay, two years on from winning the title in 1977-78 (beating St Pauli 5-0 on the final day to prevent Borussia Monchengladbach's preposterous and fishy demolition of Borussia Dortmund by 12 [twelve in the old Videprinter style] goals to nil diddling them by dynamiting their goal difference advantage).

Nap 50 kick in time

nap 50 kick in time


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