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You've heard a million times from health experts, bloggers, and on the news that sugar is terrible for you, but most people don't truly understand WHY it's so bad...

In fact, most people falsely think that if they eat sugar, they can just exercise a little bit harder that day or the next day so they can "burn it off"...

Unfortunately, that kind of thinking will lead you to an early grave.

It's not as simple as just "burning off sugar"...

It's about what sugar does internally to the cells of your body, and how sugar gums up your internal workings, causing disease.

Once again, I'm not exaggerating here, so pay close attention...

If you knew exactly why sugar is so bad for you and exactly what it does to your cells in your body, I promise that you would think twice about eating that piece of cake, candy, sugary soft drink, fruit juice, or ice cream, or feeding them to your children.

Hi Susan, What a lovely post. I am a fan of almost anything looking like or even faintly resembling Ralph Lauren. LUV! Those Rooster pillows are just fabulous. And, you are correct, all the reds just POP off the page and pull together the looks……plus GOOD Energy from the Color RED. I really enjoyed looking at her Barn Home; and, of course, I am also a HUGH fan of ANYTHING CHRISTMAS….Never get enought.
WOW, How talented is this designer Boy, Oh Boy…..I’d love to have someone like her take on my “cookie cutter” neighborhood home. All the houses look alike except a few variations on the porches…….sigh. So have to let our personalities out indoors………come on over MS Claridge…I’ll put the tea kettle on and wait for you.

Nap 50 transformation

nap 50 transformation


nap 50 transformationnap 50 transformationnap 50 transformationnap 50 transformationnap 50 transformation