Oxymetholone 50mg pct

The dosage of Oxymetholone 50 depends on the body weight of each person. The weekly dosage recommended to both adults and children is about in the range of -2mg/kg corresponding to 50 to 200mg. The first week, users should start with one tablet 50mg, and then this dosage can be increased to two tablets divided into two times: in the morning and night. After a few weeks, users can build the dose to 150 mg per day. The duration of the use is advised to prolong two to three weeks. The period of more than six weeks is not allowed to take this drug. For athletes, Oxymetholone 50 is taken by mouth in the necessary dosage of 50-200 mg per day.

 Oxymetholone is as mentioned very hepatic and liver enzymes will necessarily increase dramatically with its use. For this reason most Oxymetholone use will generally need to be kept at 6 weeks max with many never needing to go beyond 4 weeks of total use. While this is a very short lived duration its important to note, Oxymetholone appears to be one of the few steroids that really diminishes after use is extended; meaning, even if you went past the 6 week mark you probably wouldnt get much out of it other than damaging your liver. It is comforting to note, while it is toxic to the liver, when used responsibly any toxic effect will be of little concern as the liver will quickly return to normal once use is discontinued. It is important to note, as this steroid is hepatic it does not carry near the level of hepatotoxicity as many over the counter medications and regular alcohol consumption.

Oxymetholone 50mg pct

oxymetholone 50mg pct


oxymetholone 50mg pctoxymetholone 50mg pctoxymetholone 50mg pctoxymetholone 50mg pctoxymetholone 50mg pct