Oxymetholone red lion

For the off-season athlete there is no anabolic steroid more important or beneficial than testosterone. High levels of testosterone will promote significant increases in lean muscle mass and strength. This is assuming that the individual is consuming adequate calories. Compounds like Testosterone Propionate are not magical, you will still need to feed your body enough calories. During an off-season period of growth, this means total caloric intake will need to be slightly above maintenance. This will, unfortunately, promote body fat gain. However, the key to a successful off-season is gaining lean tissue while minimizing body fat gain to the fullest extent possible. By supplementing with Testosterone Propionate you will be able to achieve this more efficiently. High testosterone levels will promote a stronger metabolic rate. This is not a license to eat like there’s no end in sight, but you should be able to make better use of your calories.

In men, HMG can be used to stimulate natural testosterone production and to keep or restore the natural function of the testes. Those using HMG after testicular dystrophy often report an increase in sex drive and sense of well being as well as an increased rebound in fertility. HMG is a drug similar to hcg in use and some of its function, but also has the added benefit of FSH stimulation, which triggers extra receptors to produce testosterone. While hcg is known mainly for testicular stimulation, HMG will also increase the amount of sperm the body is producing, which hcg isn’t as effective at. Although it hasn’t been around as long and isn’t as recognized as hcg, HMG is steadily picking up more interest in the medical community for the roles it can play in testosterone recovery. Those who don’t see the results and recovery they want from a typical PCT protocol may find HMG beneficial since it is able to stimulate the body’s receptors at a wider range of points than hcg is able to.

Oxymetholone red lion

oxymetholone red lion


oxymetholone red lionoxymetholone red lion