Steroids use for dogs

Your story makes me so angry, because your dog’s vet had no problem vaccinating your 14 year old dog (when he or she could have said “no” due to age and risk) and your dog’s health issue was caused most likely by the vaccine (we’ll say most likely for legal reasons, but we know better), and now has a problem with surgery because it’s too risky. The vaccine was risky and he or she knew it, but did it anyway. I would love to know how this vet determines what is “risky” and what isn’t!

Stanley’s allergy tests identified a list of food, insect, and inhalant al lergens, including chicken, carrots, rice, grains, fleas and flea saliva, cats and cat dander, mold, grasses, and trees. Schaff eliminated what allergens she could and used topical medications and the corticosteroid Prednisone to treat Stanley’s remaining symptoms. The topicals did not work, and the pharmaceuticals gave the dog polyuria/polydipsia (PU/ PD), a condition causing excessive thirst and passage of large volumes of urine. Added to his misery of itchy raw spots, weepy lesions, and a stinky, gooey coat, poor Stanley was now having frequent and unavoid able accidents.

Steroids use for dogs

steroids use for dogs


steroids use for dogssteroids use for dogssteroids use for dogssteroids use for dogssteroids use for dogs